• stable form for a perfect grip
  • ergonomic
  • perfect length
  • grid grip function
  • brushed stainless steel 18/10

The new höfats barbecue tong now offers an even better grip of your grillables as the curvatures of the grippers provide for better stability. Grilling thus is all the more fun. Above all, when the piece of meat is somewhat bigger…

Due to their asymmetric shape, the tongs lie ergonomically and safely in your hand. Moreover, the slightly tilted edges enable to cautiously handle sensitive grillables. Breakouts at the ends provide for grip and clear view – in a way, they make the tongs transparent at the center of events. The tongs are thus the perfect tool both for small shrimps and T-bone steaks. And if that wasn‘t enough, the tongs place the cooking grid over the embers or lift the hot grid out of the grill. Cheers!

  • Product Dimensions: 40x7x2 cm
  • Product Weight: 0,30 kg

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