• 8 pieces
  • extrem solid and perfectly balanced
  • serrated knife
  • brushed, mat Stainless Steel 18/10
  • wooden box packing

STEAKTOOLS – tools meeting the demands of a perfect piece of meat.
Due to the sharp blade, the meat fibres are not torn apart, but precisely cut. The meat thus remains juicy and aromatic. Forged in one solid piece, the brushed, silk-matt Stainless Steel lies perfectly balanced in your hand. Non-corrosive, dishwasher-safe and dimensionally stable, the höfats steaktools are indestructible and guarantee longstanding joy in good meat. Delivered in a high-quality wooden box, höfats steaktools are the perfect present for every meat lover and for all appreciative of good food. By the way – the höfats steaktools also perform extremely well with pizza.

  • Product Dimensions: 24,5x16x4,5 cm
  • Product Weight: 1,00 kg

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